SCIENCEStudents / Post-Docs / Visitors

PhD Students


  • Igal KoifmanDistributed and Decentralized Task Allocations in Flexible Swarms


  • Thomas DagesTowards Neural Network Interpretability

MSc Students


  • Tom AgamiSaffron Flower Harvesting Using Computer Vision

Studies Completed PhD


  • Ori RappelArea Coverage with Settling Agents
  • Roee FrancosTopics in Multi-A(ge)nt Teamwork
  • Dmitry RabinovichGeometric Sorting of Simple Agents on Grid Environments with Applications to Autonomous Traffic Management
  • Michael AmirMulti A(ge)nt Systems on Graphs


  • Ilana SegalBroadcast Guidance of Multi-Agent Systems
  • David DovratAn Automata Theory Method for the Analysis of Unicycle Pursuit Problems


  • Yehuda DarNew Methods for Video Coding
  • Ariel Barel"Distributed Control of Multi-Agent Systems"
  • Rotem Manor"Gathering and Guidance of Multi-Agent Systems"Currently at Rafael Ltd, Israel.


  • Yotam Elor"Mathematical Analysis of Emergent Behavior in Multi- Agent Systems"Currently at Final, an algo-trading company.


  • Yaniv Altshuler"Multi Agents Robotics in Dynamic Environments"Jointly with Dr. Israel Wagner, currently at ENDOR,his start-up, and affiliated with MIT’s Media Lab.
  • Noam Gordon"Fundamental Problems in the Theory of Multi-Agent Robotics"Jointly with Dr. Israel Wagner. Currently Head of Algorithms Team at Camtek Ltd., Israel.


  • Blayvas Ilya"On Accuracy Analysis of 3D Scanners, Binarization, and Machine Learning"Prof. Ron Kimmel was a principal advisor. Now in Hi-Tech, Israel.


  • Tal Nir"Topics in Motion Analysis"Currently at Rafael Ltd, Israel.


  • Israel Wagner"Ant Robotics: Search, Exploration and Covering in Multi-a(Ge)Nt Systems"Joint Dr. Michael Lindenbaum. Currently Member of Technical Staff at IBM Research, Haifa, Israel.
  • Daphna Vasserman-Palti"Identifying and Tracking the Guide-Wire in the Coronary Arteries from X-Ray Images During PTCA"Prof. Rafael Beyar and Dr. N. Kiryati were principal advisors. Currently at a Hi-Tech Company in Israel.


  • Arnon Amir"A Quantitative Approach to Perceptual Grouping in Computer Vision"Prof. Michael Lindenbaum was a principal advisor. Now at IBM-Almaden.


  • Doron Shaked"Symmetry, Invariance and Evolution In Planar Shape Analysis"Former Head of Hewlett Packard Research Center, HP Labs, Haifa, Israel presently at GE Haifa.


  • Ron Kimmel"Curve Evolution on Surfaces"Joint advisor with Dr. Nahum Kiryati. Currently Professor at CS Department, Technion.


  • Guillermo Sapiro"Topics in Shape Evolution"Joint advisor with Prof. Allen Tannenbaum. Presently Chaired Professor at Duke University.
  • Yachin Pnueli"Halftone Methods: Beyond Grid Based Methods"Currently at Google, Haifa.


  • Nahum Kiryati"The Hough Transform: Analysis, Extensions"Currently Professor at EE Department, Tel Aviv University.


  • Michael Lindenbaum"Topics in Gemetric Probing"Currently Professor at CS Department, Technion.

Studies Completed MSc


  • Thomas DagesSeeing Things in Random Dot VideosCurrently pursuing a PhD with A.M. Bruckstein and M. Lindenbaum
  • Charles SuttonIntrinsic Dimensionality Estimation of Pulse-Signal DataNot Completed
  • Michael AmirProbabilistic Pursuits on GraphsCurrently pursuing a PhD with A.M. Bruckstein.
  • David Dovrat"Gathering & Control of Unicycle A(ge)nts with Crude Bearing-Only Sensing Capabilities"Currently pursuing a PhD with A.M. Bruckstein.
  • Dmitry Rabinovichathering of Agents on a LineCurrently pursuing a PhD with A.M. Bruckstein.


  • Levi-Itzhak Bellaiche"Continuous Time Gathering of Agents with Limited Visibility and Bearing-Only Sensing"Currently at MobilEye.


  • Roy Or-El"Enhanced Active Vision"Currently a PhD candidate at University of Washington with Prof. Ira Kemelmacher-Shlizerman.
  • Ishai Shvartz"The Effect of Noise Patterns on Depth Perception in Autostereograms"Jointly with Dr.Avraham Tamar. Currently works in Hi-Tech.


  • Yehuda Dar"Spatio-Temporal Bit-Allocation for Low Bit-Rate Video Coding"Currently pursuing PhD at Technion with A.M. Bruckstein and M. Elad.


  • Eyal Regev"Multi Agent Systems in Stochastic Dynamic Environments"Jointly with Dr. Yaniv Altshuler.


  • Shachar Shem-Tov"Topics in Over-Parametrization Variational Methods"Currently at Rafael Ltd, Israel.


  • Daniel Vainsencher"2D Digital Balls"PhD from Technion with Dr. Shie Manor.


  • Einat Tevel"Signal Digitization using Shortest Path Methods"Jointly with Prof. Arie Feurer. Currently works in Hi-Tech.


  • Mark Ginzburg"Holographic Video-Scene Watermarking in the 3D-DFT Domain"Currently works in Hi-Tech.
  • Ishay Goldin"Vesicles and Amoebae: On Globally Constrained Shape Deformation"Currently at a HiTech Start-up in Israel.


  • Miriam Inberg"Quantitative Analysis of Blood Vessel Development in Medical Images"Works in Hi-Tech.
  • Eliyahu Osherovich"Ant Robotics: Covering Continuous Domains by Multi-A(ge)nt Systems"PhD from Technion with Prof. Irad Yavneh. Currently at Amazon Research, Israel.
  • Erez Brickner"The Populating Problem A Study in Multi-Nano-Robotics"Currently works in Hi-Tech.


  • Tamer Salman"Learning Polynomial Generating Rules Using Support Vector Machines"Jointly with Prof. Yoram Baram, PhD from Technion with Yoram Baram.


  • Alexander Nisenboim"Model Based Shape from Shading for Microelectronics Inspection Applications"Now works for IBM Research in Haifa, Israel.
  • Vadim Makhervaks"Image Flows and One-Liner Graphical Image Representation"Jointly with Dr. Gill Barequet. Now works for IBM Research in Haifa, Israel.
  • Dmitry Livshitz"Robotic Self Location Using Three Dimensional Fiducials and Omnidirectional Cameras"Currently works in HiTech.
  • Adi Bar-Lev"Virtual marionettes: a system for real-time animation in 3D"Jointly with Prof. Gershon Elber. Now works in Hi-Tech in USA.


  • Vladimir Yanovski"Simple Agents for Complex Tasks"Jointly with Dr. Israel Wagner. PhD from Waterloo University, Canada.
  • Barak Hermesh"Fiducials for Precise Location Estimation"Currently in Hi-Tech, Israel.


  • Guy Lebanon"Moire Pattern Synthesis"PhD at Carnegie Mellon with John Lafferty. Formerly Professor at Purdue University, then Georgia Tech, currently at NetFlix, USA.


  • Boris Zemlyak"Direct Depth from Axial Camera Motion"Now works in Hi-Tech in California, USA.


  • Michael Kliot"Local Multivalued Invariant Signatures and Their Usage in Pictorial Databases"Joint advisor with Dr. E. Rivlin. Now works for Rafael Ltd., Haifa, Israel.
  • Ami Steiner"Planar Shape Enhancement and Exaggeration"Now works in HiTech, founder of E-Teacher Ltd.


  • Polina Golland"Use of Color for Optical Flow Estimation"PhD at MIT with W.E.L. Grimson. Now Professor at MIT.


  • Tzahi Shalit"Machine Vision Controlled Robotic Manipulation 3-D Object"


  • Daphna Vasserman-Palti"Measurements of Mgcardlal Perfuslon by Imaging Technig Ues"Prof. Rafi Beyar was principal advisor. PhD at Technion with Nahum Kirayti, Alfred Bruckstein and Rafael Beyar.
  • Arnon Amir"Depth from Structured Lisht and Axial Motion"PhD at Technion with Michael Lindenbaum and Alfred Bruckstein. Now at IBM Almaden Research, California, USA.
  • Ziva Sommer"Subpixel Edge Following"Now works in Hi-Tech, Elbit, Haifa, Israel.


  • Ron Kimmel"Shape from Shading Via Level Sets"PhD at Technion with Alfred Bruckstein.


  • Doron Shaked"Visibility Features of Digitized Planar Shapes"PhD at Technion with Alfred Bruckstein.
  • Einat Adin"Navigation Between Moving Obstacles"Now works for Rafael Ltd., Haifa, Israel.
  • Yiftach Maayan"Digital Line and Plane Characterigation"Currently in Hi-Tech.


  • Ram Baruch"A Fingerprint Identification System"Now works in Hi-Tech, founder of Koranix Ltd. in Koranit, Israel.


  • Itai Nehoran"Image-Matching for Pointing One3d Target in Two Camera Image"Working in Hi-Tech.
  • Jack Arno Feldman"Generating Two Dimensional Cmos Cells"
  • Arkady Glukhovsky"Building of Adaptive Threshold Surfaces for Segmentation"PhD at Technion with Prof. Dan Adam, then CTO at Given Imaging.


  • Raanan Bornstein"Finding the Kernel of Planar Shapes"Now works in Hi-Tech in Silicon Valley in California, USA.
  • Nahum Kiryati"Bit Allocation Tradeoffs in Digitizing Binary Images"PhD at Technion with Alfred Bruckstein.


  • Ruth Onn"Shape from Shading from Two Illumination Directions"PhD at Cornell University with Allan Johns, now works for Rafael Ltd., Haifa.
  • Eliezer Cohen"Estimation of Pulse Shape and Location from Integral Measurements" Currently in Hi-Tech.
  • Shimon Yanowitz"Image Segmentation With Adaptive Threshold Surfaces"Worked in VLSI Inspection Industry.
  • Michael Lindenbaum"Shape Determination From Local Velocity Measurements"PhD at Technion with Alfred Bruckstein.
  • Marc Smadja"Shape-From-Shading Using a Contour Climbing"Went on to get an MBA, now is an economist in Paris, France.


  • Ronald Riesenbach"A VLSI Architecture For Real Time Image Processing"Dr. Ran Ginosar was principal advisor. Now works in Hi-Tech in Canada.
  • Henry Fiszer"Analysis of a Shape-From-Shading Algorithm Over a Pixel Array"Went on to get an MBA, now is an economist in Paris, France.
  • Baruch Bardugo"Design Of Finite Memory Kalman Filters"Went on to get a PhD at Technion in Biomedical Engineering, now works in Hi-Tech in Israel.